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We offer tailored professional services for companies to relocate their staff to any location in Italy.
We cover the whole relocation experience, from immigration and bureaucracy, to housing, accommodation and settling in.
We help families find schools for children, and help close down all the contracts and deal with the bureaucracy for personnel returning to their countries.
This way, people can focus on what really matters, leaving everything else in our hands.
Find out how we can help your company improve the relocation experience.

Are you sure you know everything you need to immigrate to Italy?


Just like any other European country, coming to work to Italy isn’t straightforward: there are numerous laws and regulations that you need to adhere to, in order to make sure you won’t have any problems or delays in starting to work here. We deal with all the applications for you, taking all the burden of learning the laws and procedures off you and your Company. We can take care of your visa, work permit, permit of stay (PSE) for you and your family, and much more. Plus, thanks to our experience, we’ll make sure your applications go through as fast as possible. So you can spend your time doing what really matters.

Legal and fiscal requirements

Relocating to Italy is much more than just getting a visa and a permit of stay. There are many legal and fiscal requirements that everyone needs to abide to, and if you’re new to the country, you may be unaware of a few. For example, did you know that in order to work and apply to a number of services, you need to get a Codice Fiscale (similar to the American Social Security Number, or the UK’s National Insurance Number)? After this, you also probably need to pay for the local taxes and apply for a residence certificate… and this is just the beginning. We are here to help you with all of this.

Italy is notorious for having complex bureaucracy. Don’t risk breaking the law.

Work, family and house permits

While Italy is one of the best places to live worldwide, moving here the right way is far from easy, especially when families are involved. From the employer’s perspective, having to deal with family permits and all the associated processes can take many hours off someone’s work and have their productivity drop. Additionally, HR departments not used to the Italian system might struggle in providing the correct assistance to their staff. Whether it’s work, family or house permits, or all three that you need, we know exactly what the requirements are and how to obtain them.

Bank account and other documents

There are many other requirements that may apply to an expat moving to Italy, that go beyond the mandatory immigration paperwork. For instance, expats usually need to open a bank account, apply for or convert a driver’s license, obtain Consular declarations and document legalisation, and gain access to the public healthcare system (ASL). All of these are extras that may not be required by law, but that do take time and effort away from employees and employers, and that shouldn’t be under-estimated.
We can help in all of these situations, and more: if you have a specific requirement we haven’t listed, just ask, because chances are that we have a solution.

Find the perfect place to call home.


One of the first ways we’ll assist you throughout your relocation is with an orientation visit: we’ll show you around the area where you will be based, help you decide where to live according to your wishes and priorities, teach you a bit about Italians and Italian traditions, and a lot more. After all, this is going to be your new home, and we want you to make the most out of it.

Temporary housing

Whether you’re only staying for a few months and not planning on finding a permanent accommodation, or simply if you need a place to stay for the first couple of weeks, until you find the perfect home, we have partnered with residences specifically aimed at that: providing you with a delightful, temporary place for you to live, without any fuss or strings attached.

Renting and buying

If you’re planning to stay long enough to make the rent or purchase of a property worthwhile, we can assist you every step of the way. We can introduce you to each area and neighbourhood, find properties to visit, write up the lease contract or the purchase act, help you check in and organize any repairs as necessary. We can show you what you should and shouldn’t expect from a house in Italy, so that you can relax and rest assured that you’re not making a bad deal.

Schooling, car purchase, and all the extras

Finally, there are all those little details that make a huge difference when you move somewhere new. Finding high quality schools for your children, buying a car and insurance, signing up for internet, electricity, water and gas at home, getting a resident parking permit, and much much more… and if you are ever going to leave Italy, we can help you close everything down, check out of your property, and ensure you don’t forget any bureaucratic requirements.

Privates and SMEs

Are you a private relocating to Italy, or a Small or Medium Enterprise relocating one or more employees?
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Large Enterprises

We offer a wide range of services specific to large companies, either as a one-off or on a regular basis.
We also offer a different pricing policy for larger customers, so please get in touch directly with us to discuss how we could work together.

On-Premises Relocation Services


Exclusive to our larger customers, we offer an unparalleled service called Hospitality Desk. Rather than requesting individual services or packages to us for each of your employees, we offer our staff to be available on your premises for a set amount of time, where they will be completely available to you to carry out all the relocation services you require. It’s the best way for a large enterprise to offer professional relocation services within the organization.

Competitive Prices

Since the needs of large organizations can vary considerably, we offer a different, extremely competitive, pricing scheme based on the volume of services provided. Additionally, thanks to our experience dealing with the public sector, we are also open to bidding to become your leading relocation services provider. If you would like to discuss opportunities with us, or invite us to tender for a bid at your organization, please get in touch today by sending an email to hello@nosrelo.it or by visiting our contacts page.