We have worked with customers coming from all over the world, with different cultures,
speaking different languages, and working in countless different industries.
They all relied on NOS to take their business forward, and make their move to Italy as easy as it could possibly be.

We couldn’t be prouder. Take a look.


We helped international airlines expand their presence in Italy.
They trusted NOS to have their crew and managers transferred and settled in, so that they could be ready for flight (and business) perfectly on time. Thanks to us, they could spend less time on the ground, running after contracts and documents, and more time in the air.

Financial Institutions

Banks and building societies partnered with NOS Relocation to transfer employees to Italy, taking advantage of the high quality services offered and, therefore, improving their ROI and overall performance.

“The team at NOS Relocation has demonstrated over the years a high level of preparation and professionalism in dealing with bureaucratic procedures and situations with foreign personnel in Italy. Additionally, they offer a wide range of services that have always been delivered accurately and on time.”

Dr. Ettore Soldi, President, Hyla Soft, North America

Aerospace Manufacturers

We have supported aircraft manufacturers starting new projects and production lines in Italy, helping them relocate all the necessary personnel, starting from the engineering interns to test pilots, all the way to senior managers. In an industry where timing is key, precision, reliability and resiliency of their relocation services are critical.

Energy Firms

Oil and gas production companies from all over the world relied on NOS to have their engineers relocated to where they needed them most, in the shortest possible time. The result? On-time and on-budget delivery of key infrastructure, critical to power the future generations.

IT Businesses

Even for companies where the core of their business is safely stored on servers worldwide, NOS Relocation was able to support IT businesses in moving their developers and managers closer to their customers.

“NOS Relocation helped us with great professionalism and passion. They supported us in European and extra-European cases and, even if there were many duties to be complied with and challanges to face, their service level was excellent.”

Dr. D. Pappalettera, Legal & Corporate Affairs Manager Southern Europe, Beiersdorf S.p.A.

Many countries, many cultures

Dealing with people with different backgrounds, coming from a range of countries and very diverse cultures, can be tricky and at times stressful. The cultural shock of a family moving to a new country where they speak a language they don’t understand can become a real problem. Our customers trusted NOS Relocation because we additionally have vast experience in dealing with all these different cases and situations, meaning that the expat’s happiness and productivity will hardly be affected by their relocation to Italy.

From interns to CEOs

Thanks to our ability of tailoring each individual service to every single customer, we have been able to relocate CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as well as their interns. We cover the whole spectrum of roles within a company, and have experience in working with individuals at every level, offering the housing and services specific to their requirements and constraints.

Here’s what our customers think

“We have been working with NOS Relocation since 2007, valuing their professional qualities, and appreciating the passion shown throughout their activities. We have always been able to count on NOS’s reliability, even in particularly difficult situations.”

Monica Vagliani, Project Secretaries Coordinator, ABB S.p.A.

“We had the chance to appreciate the professionalism and knowledge that NOS Relocation has always delivered. They have been extremely flexible in satisfying, even at short notice, urgent requests.”

Dr. P. Beonio, Personnel & Payroll Supervisor, The Boston Consulting Group, Milan