NOS Relocation live from EXPO Milano 2015!

A few months after the opening, it was finally time for us to visit EXPO Milano 2015!

After getting our own open ticket (we highly recommend that you    confirm the date you’re visiting EXPO at the following link, we headed to the exposition site and parked our car at Rho railway station; just need to cross the station and we found ourselves just outside the “Triulza” EXPO west entrance.

After we queued for a few minutes at the security controls (depending on the time, it could certainly take much longer), we’ve been thrown inside the exposition with no particular special effects.

IMG_1706But after taking a few steps ahead, you finally reach the west end of the “Decumano”, the main road crossing EXPO from the east to the west.

What a spectacular view indeed!

A never-ending corridor covered by a modern design tent structure with flags of all the guest countries as far as the eye can see, a burst of colours, scents, languages and accents (for the whole list of the participant countries, see the link

We decided to visit a few pavillions, some of them very interesting, other not as much expected, but all of them telling the story of a culture through its food. It’s not just about the final product, but also about raising awareness about our planet and its preservation, a sustainable innovation for a bright future: we must respect life to guarantee a future life.

IMG_1705We don’t want to unveil all the secrets within EXPO; but keep in mind that it will certainly take more than one visit to explore the best of this universal exposition, and we can guarantee it’s worth the effort!

If you haven’t purchased more than one ticket and you don’t have any season passes, we suggest the “evening ticket” option, allowing you to buy a ticket for 5 Euros only (entrance from 7.00 pm).

A great opportunity and an excuse to be back for a second visit at a moderate price.

Enjoy your visit!


Riccardo Cattaneo

NOS Relocation team