The Night of the Lanterns – Events in Milan

“Thousands of thoughts about peace and future, in the city of Milan. These messages of hope will be written on lit lanterns that will be released in Milan’s new harbour: The Darsena. A symbolic new beginning towards a bright future full of fulfillment, entrusting the waters of the city with messages of hope for a more conscious and sustainable future”.

These are the words the event organization has reported, a team born from the cooperation between Urbanzen, Bpeace and Ubi (Italian Buddhist Union), with the participation of the Buddhist communities of Milan.

Milano brings the “Night of the Lanterns” to life, a cultural and breathtaking emotional event aimed at uniting the city with its visitors, who will be able to witness a river of light flowing across the city, the lanterns bringing life dancing on the water.

The coordinates? June 24th 2015 at The Darsena, Milan (Navigli area).

All the participants will write their messages on more than 1,000 biodegradable lanterns. With the darkness, the lanterns will be lit through a small internal candle and released on the waters of the Naviglio. Ten minutes of silence will follow the lights in their journey across the city.

Riccardo Cattaneo
NOS Relocation team